How Teachers can Save Money Using AI

How Teachers can Save Money Using AI

If there’s one thing that doesn’t get quantified in the current state of teacher pay, is the amount of money that they are willing to spend every year looking for useful worksheets, homework packets, or activities. Aside from having to pay, the common complaint amongst all teachers that I've worked with was that the “ready-made” resources they bought were not as "ready" as they thought.

Teachers often have to spend time on top their money, editing paid resources to make sure that they align to their lesson standards, and if they are really awesome teachers, they'll also make sure they align with their students lives and interest.

But like my brother Morpheus said, “What if I told you there was another way?”

No More Pay per Resource

In the age of AI, you shouldn't be paying for one-shot resources that are not crafted with your students in mind, you should be making our own. The best teachers are currently harnessing the power of AI to do just that, creating powerful, standards-aligned lesson plan components, and then leveraging their own teacher-knowledge to quickly and effectively center their students interests and identity in the materials that they present them with.

One common way Planning Period teachers are wining standards-aligned lesson planning, is by creating Math stations that help them find time to work with small groups. In this case below, the students are super fans of the K-Pop band BTS, so we’re going to leverage that knowledge to help them practice standards dealing with multiplication.

With Planning Period, you can create lesson components that as the kids say these days “Teachers pay Teachers could never”.

Planning Period vs. Pay per Resource Sites

We know that Planning Period is more than just another teacher resource site, our main goal is to support teachers in effective, standards-aligned and student-responsive lesson planning. But we also know that teachers often look to websites like and Teachers Pay Teachers to solve their immediate lesson planning needs.

So, let's talk about the big differences between using a suite of tools like Planning Period to create lesson resources that are specific to your classroom versus buying pre-made content that another teacher made and trying to adapt it to your students' context.

Here's how we compare to websites like Teacher Pay Teachers and

We believe our proof is in the secret sauce (yes, I mixed up two expressions), because we have the lesson-filling ingredients that you won't find in other Teacher Resources Sites, here's our recipe list:

  • With Planning Period, you can create resources that are deeply individualized to each specific student in your classroom. Highlighting your student's home life, interest, and cultural identity can be done faster than entering your credit card to pay $2.99 for a one-time resource.
  • We've built our tools so that you can expand your curriculum, not replace it. Bring your favorite books, articles, and lessons from previous years and give them a new life using the AI-superpowered suite of tools.
  • We're closely connected to teachers all across the nation, developing tools and features based on their feedback. More importantly, we are committed to training teachers on the ethical, community responsive implementation of AI in their lesson planning process.
You at the end of your planning period because you used Planning Period. Periodt. (sorry I couldn't let that one slide)

Creating Resources is so easy we're willing to do it for you!

We're so serious about getting you to stop paying for teacher resources, that we're going to just start making them for you!

In the same amount that it would've taken me to create one standards-aligned worksheet for my students, I was able to create 20 engaging, rigorous, and contextualized lesson components that you can use in your classroom today.

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